Construction and function

  • Electro pneumatic spool valve operated with an permanent power signal and with an spring. According to Namur standard with an manual override. A filter or speed control can be placed direct on the exhaust port. Life time lubricated.


  • Recomended media: Filtered and lubricated or filtered non-lubricated air
  • Connections G 1/2"
  • Nominal flow: 3000 l/min
  • Workingpressure: 1,5...10 bar
  • Materials: Body: anodised aluminium, internal parts brass and plastic, SS pinion, Seals NBR
  • Isolation: IP65 according to DIN 40050
  • Weight: 0.75 kg


  • 3/2 way valves
    • VTB970 XI 24V/DC
    • VTB970 XJ 24V/50-60Hz
    • VTB970 XK 230V/50-60Hz
    • VTB970 XM 24V/DC, Eex "m"
    • VTB970 XQ 230V/50-60Hz, Eex "m"


  • Eex "ia" coils
  • Bi-stabiele execution
  • Different voltages and versions on request
  • VTB 980 3/2 way version
  • Led plug