M9 Control valves


  • 2-way control valve with flanged connection PN16-25-40
  • Body Nodular cast iron GGG40/3 or AISI316
  • Seats in stainless steel on or in the body
  • Stem seals PTFE- PTFE+ FPM- graphite Self-adjusting
  • Plug standard EQP =% (3) in stainless steel with plastic insert. DN125-150- and 200 only metal-metal
  • Standard working temperature -10°C up to max 205°C


  • Converter turns electric signal into a pneumatic signal
  • Analogical positioner, also Atex


  • Connections according to ANSI150-ANSI300-JIS 10K- JIS 20K-JIS 40K.
  • Lineair plug
  • Versions for higher temperatures up to 400°C
  • Flow dividers, Balancing cage